Claw Hunter

A single player action-adventure game with RPG elements that allows the player to command three distinct characters with special abilities. Taking place in the 17th century and set on an island where prehistoric life of Cretaceous period was perfectly preserved, Claw Hunter allows the players to return to the days of their childhood, where the prehistoric worlds of dinosaurs and cavemen fascinated us all. Game is focused on a strong main story line and features super-realistic visual style and is built in Unreal Engine. Inspired by titles such as Uncharted, Tomb Raider and The Dig, game features a thrilling story in which the player will embark on a journey through the rugged and dangerous landscape of the tropical island to uncover its long-forgotten mystery. Each character has a different set of skills which players can combine to solve problems arising during their travels. On top of that, players can tame and work with dinosaurs to fulfil different tasks where human hands are not enough.

Claw Hunter is an action adventure game. You progress through the game by controlling a character performing many different kind of actions – you explore, fight, jump, climb and use objects. You see your character from the 3rd person view. You can alternate between three characters that your little group consists of, each having important and unique skills. While playing for a character, other characters are operated by an AI and may be left with simple orders – follow, take cover, fight off enemies, wait. There are many resources on the island, which you can use to craft clothing, weapons and other items, which might help you survive.