1. What type of game can we expect?

Claw Hunter is an action adventure game with RPG elements. The emphasis is on strong story, illustrated by movie scenes and on co-operation of the main characters, each of which has a unique set of abilities.  

2. Where is Claw Hunter placed?

The story is from 17th century and takes place on a tropical island somewhere in Polynesia, where by twist of fate the prehistoric life was preserved in its original form, as it existed in the Cretaceous era. So you will see many kinds of dinosaurs and other fauna and flora from Cretaceous time.  

3. Whom will I be playing?

There is a story of three characters overlapping in the game – a young native hunter, a shaman, who is able to communicate with dinosaurs and a Dutch scientist, who arrives on the island after his ship is wrecked in a storm. These characters have special abilities, which you will have to combine in order to advance in the game and solve challenges on the way to the heart of the island.

4.  What titles inspired Claw Hunter?

The largest inspiration for Claw Hunter were games such as Uncharted, Tomb Raider and The Dig. As for movies, mainly movies such as Lost Island, iconic Czech movie Journey to the beginning of time or famous Jurassic world inspired us the most.   

5. Will there be any special kind of AI in the game (dinosaurs, hunters)?

Yes, there will be AI for dinosaurs and other animals as well on our dinosaur island. Dinosaurs are guided by sight, but also by smell. Our island is inhabited by a native tribe too and there are also various raiders, who believe that it is possible to talk with gods here. There will be also criminals, outcast to the island from surrounding islands for their crimes. 

6. Will it be possible to interact with dinosaurs?

Yes, it will be possible to ride dinosaurs, to use them for combat and for other various tasks, according to their kind. 

7. What will be the payment method?

It will be possible to pre-order the game on Kickstarter, or variably to purchase the game after it is published. There will be more details provided during the campaign. 

8. When is the planned day for game release?

Everything depends upon the campaign on Kickstarter, however in the case it is successful, we will release the game in the first half of 2019.

9. What platforms will be supported?

The game is primarily being developed for PC, which will be followed by versions for PS and Xbox.

10. What will be the FPS?

Our goal is at least 30-40 FPS on an average machine in the time of release.

11. What will be the combat mechanism in the game?

Yes, there will be many types of masking, tattoos and items you will gather throughout the game. 

12. Will I be able to adjust the appearance of my characters?

Yes, there will be many types of masking, tattoos and items you will gather throughout the game. 

13. Will I be able to use stealth?

Some creatures on the island are so powerful there won’t be any other way but to use stealth. You can fool even the human enemies by the use of masking.

14. Will I get to know about dinosaurs?

There will be an in-game encyclopaedia of the island life where the latest scientific data about the Cretaceous life will be available.