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ClawHunter A.R. is a unique and exciting app which brings totally realistic dinosaurs in your mobile device. All this in top quality and first of all in any place you want.

Each dinosaurs is characterized by set of animations which allow you to take plenty of beautiful photos and videos good enough to make your own dinosaurs film.

You can share your art piece with your friends and family on Facebook.

To make your pictures and videos even more realistic, you can easily adjust light intensity, color tones or even shadows to make dinosaurs fit perfectly to place you want them to be.

The app is very simple to work with. You can have dinosaurs appear in your room, on the streets, in the wild nature or anywhere else you want.

The app is closely connected with a new game called The CLAW HUNTER which is now being developed for PC, PS4 and Xbox. It´s gonna be dinosaurs based adventure inspired by games like Uncharted, Tomb Raider or The Dig.

We´ll launch The CLAW HUNTER on on 03/21/2017. We´d be very pleased to have your support!

How to work with the app:

  1. By double touch on the screen you place your dinosaurs.
  2. You can change his size just by stretching two fingers.
  3. Different kinds of animations like walk, run, attack, death and others can be set by ANIM icon.
  4. Access to light settings to make your dinosaurs fit perfectly in any scenery through SUN icon.
  5. Light temperature on the left side of the screen, light intensity on the right side. By vertical and horizontal scrolling you set orientation of the sun. Shadows intensity can be changed in the bottom of the screen.
  6. Take pictures by touching camera icon. Record videos by touching Camera icon. Your photos and videos can be shared on Facebook with anyone. Just add hashtag: #ClawHunterAR